Sirius XM 1-800 Toll Free Numbers

Sirius XM Toll Free 1-800 Numbers. What is the 800 number for Sirius XM? Below is the complete list of toll free customer service numbers. Helpline support and contact numbers step by step guide.

Sirius XM Holdings is United States based broadcasting company founded in 1990. The company is known for its three satellite radio and online radio services. The company was known as Sirius Satellite Radio until it acquired XM Satellite Radio Holdings in 2008. Currently Sirius XM Holdings has more than eighteen hundred million subscribers. The content can also be accessed online through Internet. This is the reason there has been a huge increase in the number of subscribers over the past few years. Sirius XM apps are available for a number of platforms like iOS, BlackBerry and Android.

Customer Service:

  • Welcome to Sirius XM.

  • The number you called from matches a Sirius XM account. Do you want us to use your number to look up your information?

  • No

  • Alright. What is your phone number on your account? Say new customer if you are.

  • New customer

  • Ok. What do you want?

  • Sign up for service, receive an activation signal or need help with radio?

  • Sign up for service

  • Stay on the line while your call is transferred to listener care

  • Welcome to Sirius XM. This is XYZ. How may I assist you?

  • Yes

  • Alright. I found your account. What do you want?

  • Billing, service transfer, cancel service, account management or need help with radio?

  • Billing

  • All right. Want billing history, update your credit card or redeem a gift card?

For Feedback SiriusXM Listener Care: We're here to help you with your SiriusXM service and have made it easy for you to reach us. Listener Care Music & Programming Media & Other Contacts


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