Bank of America 1-800 Toll Free Number

Bank of America is the United States based bank founded in 1904. The founder of the bank was Amadeo Giannini. In 2008 the bank acquired Merrill Lynch. Brian T. Moynihan is currently serving the company as its chairman and chief executive officer. In 2015 the company generated revenue of more than eight billion dollars. Currently there are more than two hundred thousand employees in the company. Bank of America expanded through a number of acquisitions and mergers. The official website of the bank can be accessed by simply navigating to

Take a piece of paper and a pen and note down 1-800 number of Frontier Airlines. Following is the toll free 1-800 number

  • Thanks for calling, enter your telephone access ID.

  • Enter your card or account number if need information on a single account.

  • Press 1 or say other option.

  • Other options.

  • You can say anything like recent activity or press 1.

  • You can report a lost or stolen item or press 2.

  • Open an account or apply for a loan 3.

  • Find an Automated Teller Machine or a banking center 4

  • Get online banking support or press 5

  • Set up a telephone access ID or press 6

  • You can repeat this option by saying repeat or press 8

  • Say option to hear more option or press 9.

  • What do you want? Explain in limited words.

Disputed Credit Transaction:

  • Welcome, please enter your card numbers.
Military Banking
  • Thanks for calling. Your checking account number is to be entered here.

  • Press the pound sign to hear all options available.

  • Pound and 0 are needed to be pressed for international and collect call operators.

  • Next comes the account activity or other options press 1.

  • You can open a new account or press 2 for a credit card.

  • Press 3 if you need info about online banking

  • Press 4 if you know the extensions.

  • Press 5 if you want to know about ATM or banking centers.

  • Press 6 to report a lost/stolen card.

  • Press 0 to speak with customer service.

  • to open a new account or to apply for a credit card press 2,

  • for information regarding on line banking press 3,

  • if you know your parties extension press 4 now

  • for ATM or banking centers location press 5,

  • for information on your existing check card, ATM card or credit card or to report a lost or stolen check card, ATM card or credit card press 6

  • to speak with a customer service representative press 0.



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