Air Canada 800 Phone Number - Toll Free Number

Looking for the 1-800 number of Air Canada? Following is the list of toll free 800 numbers for Air Canada.

Air Canada Customer Support & Reservations

  • Thank you for calling Air Canada.

  • Press one for service in English.

  • Following are the four options from which you need to choose one.

  • Press one if you need information about flight arrival and departure.

  1. Yes or no. Does the flight depart today? Yes

  2. What’s the flight number? Tell the number or say “continue” if you don’t know the number.

  3. Continue

  4. Name the city the flight departs from.

  • Press 2 if you want to search for lowest fares.

  • Press 4 if there are any changes you wish to make to an existing reservation.

Check Flight Arrival Departure Status

Here is the number you need to dial to check flight arrival or departure status.

  • Welcome to the air Canada flight information line.

  • Here you need to answer a few simple questions.

  • Yes or No? Does the flight depart today 4th of March?

  • No

  • Would you like flight departing yesterday or tomorrow?

  • Tomorrow.

  • Tell the flight number if you know otherwise say continue.

  • Name the city the flight departs from.

- International. If none of the countries listed in the drop-down menu above match your current location, you may contact us via our regular telephone number: (long distance charges may apply).


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